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February 4, 2018

2018 Mid Winter 10 Miler

Photos & Results

  • Results courtesy of or Results post to
  • Set 1 Pre Start Courtesy of David Colby Young, Jill Kelly Fanucci, Don Penta, RaceME & others
  • Set 2 Start courtesy of David Colby Young
  • Set 3 Mile 5 courtesy of David Colby Young
  • Video Playlist @ Mile 5 courtesy of David Colby Young
  • Set 4 Finish Line photos ~ shared by Don Penta
  • Set 5 Finish Line one hour 28 minutes to David Body the last finisher

Media:1.Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler Web Site, 2.MWC 10 Miler fb 3. Other years of coverage 4.Runner,5.Sara ~middle-agedrunner,6.Story on Jay Diener, Race Walker,7.,

Jay Diener, racewalker

February 5, 2012

Mid Winter 10 Miler at Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Mid Winter 10 Miler  5 Feb 2012

Looking for our 2013 coverage?  Here


Photos Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Set 6 Set 7 Set 8

Video~PlayList Cut 1 Cut 2 Cut 3 Cut 4 Cut 5 Cut 6 Cut 7

see also Maine Track Club video recorded live see more on the BrockForeman Channel We are going to be seeing more & better live coverage of Maine Track events congrats to the Maine Track Club.

2012 Bloggers on the MidWinter 10 Miler. Running with the Girls, Pattie Runs, What’s Next?, Kellie Tri’s, Maine Mom on the Run, The Bet, danielle09justdoit, blackstraphell, MaineRunner, Bootstrap, The Rhyme and Reason, Middleagerunner, Tales of a Running Mom, angesdrivetotri, Marisa’s Blog, Tales of a Running Mom, ,


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The race was held on 7 Feb 2010 at Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The video clips taken at Mile One & Mile Five have been posted. Please see links below.  You will be able to view them on YouTube.


Mile 1

Mile 5 reel 1

mile 5 reel 2

mile  5 reel 3

mile 5 reel 4

mile 5 reel 5

Video clips are on

Or Try Maine Running Channel

912 Penta Photos of the 2010 MWC 10 Miler (upload)

WMTW Channel 8 Portland, Maine Reports with video of the race

see  report

Blaine Moore Reports after running the 2010 MWC 10 Miler

2009 Mid-Winter 10 Miler Classic Photos

Three Videos: Start mile 1, at Mile 9 and the last of the Mile 9 runners


Watch 10 miler2009 mile9 part 1

Watch 10 Miler2009 mile 9 part 2

Photos courtesy of the family of Blaine Moore

The 2009 MWC 10 Miler Photos Courtesy of Don Penta are uploaded!

28th MWC 02_01_2009 001

Click on the photo above to see all MWC courtesy of Don P. Penta’s Photos

694 photos | 13 views | Add a comment?

items are from between 01 Feb 2009 & 06 Feb 2009.

Review in Maine Running 1982 by Charles Scribner

(We are working getting the complete results for: 1990,  We have linked to the Maine Track Club News*Run collection when there is data)(N.B.  the Maine Running Mag states in the April 1995 issue The 10 Miler Classic -Cape Elizabeth had to be postponed from earlier in the month of Feb because of the season’s only real snowstorm. It was, calm & 16 degrees -perfect winter running)

Past Photos collections

also Photos:  1995p

This race often has a number of people giving massage therapy.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
Michelle Patrick
Michelle Patrick
Julia Kirtland
Julia Kirtland
Laura Vecchio
Laura Vecchio

(These cards are added as a courtesy to the runners as well as the people who offered their help at the event)

Core3 Massage – Julia Kirtland – – (207)-319-5817
Core3 Massage is Julia Kirtland, Licensed Massage Therapist. Julia, a marathon runner, enjoys doing deep massage work for triathletes, runners, cyclists and other athletes. She races in the occasional triathlon, and is lucky enough to share space with Tri-ME’s new retail shop in Portland.

Mid Winter 10 Miler Archives

Thank you for reading the whole posting. This year has offered their services. Now they are in the business to sell photos and Don Penta & I welcome the help. Click below

Capstone’s Photography of: Maine Track Club Mid-Winter ClassicCape Elizabeth, MaineFebruary 1, 2009Can’t find your photo using the link above?Try browsing our Lost and Found Section

2008 Runner post photos on Flickr

Sn0m8n blogger What he says about the 10 Miler.

February 9, 1986

1986 Mid Winter 10 miler

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1986 Results
Mid Winter Classic 9 Feb 1986

  • Set 1 News*Run Archives

February 5, 2017

2017 ~ Mid-Winter Classic 10 Miler

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Results 2017 MWC 10Miler 787 finishers

Video soon

BOOM! And their off! Maine Track Club Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler! @mainetrackclub 2017!

Posted by RaceME on Sunday, February 5, 2017

Other Media:1 Mid Winter Classic FB Page.2.Bay State Race Services,3.2017 Results posted to coolrunning.4.Jennifer Boudreau, Running with the Girls ,5.,6.

February 7, 2016

2016 Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler

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Chris Harmon overall Winner

Chris Harmon overall Winner

Race results courtesy of Maine Track Club & Bay State Race Services – Professional Timing and Results since 1989

Photos & video (soon)

  • Set 1  courtesy of Don Penta Pre Start & Pre Finish Line photos  (79 photos)
  • Set 2 soon not reported yet, we will keep checking.
  • Set 3 ~&/or ~  see FB ~ Mile 1+ courtesy of David Colby Young  (461 photos)
  • Set 4 ~&/0r ~ see FB ~ Mile 5   courtesy of David Colby Young  (800 photos)
  • Set 5 Finish Line  ~ courtesy of David Colby Young, Don Penta  (2781 photos)
  • Set 6 Post Race & the Awards courtesy of Don Penta  (169 photos)
  • Video of the Start courtesy of Allyn Genest fb 8 sec.
  • Set 7 Start courtesy of Allyn Genest  (61 photos)
  • Set 8  Finish Line courtesy of Allyn Genest (197 photos)
  • Set 8 Happy faces courtesy of  Baerbel Bönisch LoSacco fb

Bloggers Report:1.runningwiththegirls,,3.4,5.,6


February 2, 2014

2014 Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler

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Results posted to coolrunning


Photos & video (soon) it will take a few days to get all the media uploaded. Please keep checking back.

  • Set 1 (60+ photos)  Pre-Start of Race courtesy of Young & Penta see fb (268 photos)
  • Set 2 Start courtesy of Don Penta see fb ( 81  photos)
  • Set 3 (347 photos)  1st Mile courtesy of David C Young   see fb
  • Set 4 Mile 5  (870 photos) see fb
  • Set 5 courtesy of John Herrman (317 photos near mile 1)
  • Set 6 courtesy of John Herrman Mile 5  (447 photos)
  • Set 7 courtesy of John Herrman near Crescent Beach State Park (134 photos)
  • Set 8 courtesy of John Herrman near the finish Line (52 photos)
  • Set 9 courtesy of Rachel Mackie near Mile 8 near Bowery Beach Rd  (451 photos)
  • Set 10 courtesy of Rachel Mackie near Mile 8 near Bowery Beach Rd (476 photos)
  • Set 11 courtesy of Rachel Mackie near Mile 8 near Bowery Beach Rd  (447 photos)
  • Set 13 Finish Line courtesy of Don Penta  (719 photos) see FB (10:38-11:06)
  • Set 14 Finish Line courtesy of Don Penta (515 photos) see FB (11:07-11:16)
  • Set 15 Finish Line by David C. Young 417 photos & Mr D P. Penta (998 Photos) (11:17-
  • Set 16 Finish Line by Penta (set 4 fb)  29 photos (12:03-
  • Set 17 Awards  (151 photos)
  • Set 18 The set-up in Sat 2-1-2014
  • Video Play List 2014

Blog Reports & other Media:1.middle-agedrunner,2.MARGARITTM,3.AgeGirlDoingAverage things,,6.Just a Girl who decided to go for it,7.MidWinterClassicfb,,,,11.danielle09justdoit,12.heyjustrunfaster,,14.sealevelrunner.,15.Maine Runner,16.Dan on the Run,17.,18.,19.,

February 27, 2011

2011-02-27 Mid_Winter Classic 10 Miler

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  • The Race that never was ~ 20 photos Courtesy of David Colby Young. We do not think we have posted Don Penta’s photos taken on 26 Feb 2011.

The MTC Web site said: “…….2011 Mid Winter Classic Cancelled
The 2011 Mid Winter Classic race has been cancelled. While we’ve worked very hard to make this race happen (twice), and we know that lots of people will be disappointed, we believe that a runner’s safety trumps all other concerns. There is a high chance of precipitation with snow accumulations starting tonight and continuing through race-day morning. The Cape Elizabeth police will not permit the race to happen under these circumstances. There are a number of reasons for this including: falling snow makes it harder for vehicles to see runners, instead of running in a slushy break-down lane runners are more likely to run out in the road, there’s a chance that a vehicle could accidentally slide into a runner, and because the snow plow drivers need to be able to do their jobs.
The race will not be postponed to another date. All remaining race shirts will be available for pickup at the Maine Running Company store in Portland starting around noon on Sunday 2/27. If you purchased a shirt you may pick one up at any time that’s convenient for you – the shirts will remain at the store for some time. If you would like us to mail you a shirt please mail a check for $4 (payable to: Maine Track Club) to Erik Boucher, 66 Grant St #4, Portland, ME 04101. No refunds will be given. However, you may transfer your entry fee over to next year’s race. When registration opens for the 2012 event we will send all registered runners a notification. The notification will include a special promotional code. You will need to register through our online process using the promotional code. We are also offering all registered runners $5 off the entry fee to the new “Race The Runways” event held on April 2nd, 2011 in Brunswick, Maine. Please visit the website to learn more. In order to receive the discount you must register online and enter the following promotional code: MWC2011.
Even though the Mid Winter Classic race has been cancelled for Sunday 2/27 the Bradbury Blizzard snowshoe race will be held at Bradbury Mountain Station Park in Pownal, Maine, starting at 11:00am. This race will only get better with more snow. To learn more please visit

February 3, 2009

Kevin Mitchell at the Mid-Winter 10 Miler

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Kevin Mitchell does a number of race a year. Last year he did the Jingle Bell 5K; the Portland Trails to Ale 10KM; New Beginnings 5th Annual 5K Run/Walk; L/A 5K Bridge Run; Peaks Island Road Race and the Mid Winter 10 Miler. We need to note that in 2008 his time for the 10 miler was 1:29:33 8:58 and this year he finished with a time of 1:25:27 8:33. Congratulation to Kevin Mitchell, member of the Maine Track Club. A job well done!

2008 Half Marathon
Kevin Mitchell places 3rd in his age group in Oct 5K held in Lewiston
Jane & Kevin Mitchell of Greene
Jane & Kevin Mitchell of Greene
Kevin Mitchell  of Greene
Photo of Kevin Mitchell taken in Feb of 2008 courtesy of Don Penta

Kevin Mitchell at Mile 9 of the Mid Winter 10 Miler held on Feb 1, 2009 at Cape Elizabeth

Kevin Mitchell at Mile 9 of the Mid Winter 10 Miler held on Feb 1, 2009 at Cape Elizabeth

January 15, 2009

2009 Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler

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Online Videos by

Mid Winter Photo Collections 1986 to 2008 (not complete)

Race Web site

February 14, 1988

14 Feb 1988 Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler

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Jim Toulouse & Brian Flanders courtesy of Brian Flanders

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Results page 2

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