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August 4, 2017

2017 Aug ~ TD B2B Weekend

Set 10K Results ~ High School Mile Race Results Friday


January 25, 2015

Bradbury Squall, 3.5 miles

Please stand by Results (93 finishers) & posted to coolrunning

courtesy of TAMERELLA's photographs fb

courtesy of TAMERELLA’s photographs fb


  • Set 1 courtesy of Tammy (133 photos posted) Thank you!
  • Set 2  Pre Race courtesy of Don Penta (83 photos see FB
  • Set 3 Post Start courtesy of Don Penta (11 Photos) see FB
  • Set 4 Finish Line courtesy of Don Penta soon (524 photos) see FB
  • Set 5 Awards courtesy of Don Penta (24 photos)  see FB
  • Set 6 courtesy of Amy Roma fb (you might have to ask to be a friend of Amy Roma to view these)

Blogg Reports & other Media: 1. We sighted News Center 6 . ,2.,3.,

The cost for the coverage of this event was sponsored by Don Penta & Tammy Lynn. Great Job! Thank you!

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