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May 9, 2009

2nd Annual Epic Rabbit Run 4 Miler 2009

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Audrey Reports on Race

2nd Annual Epic Rabbit Run 4 Miler

Bangor, ME, May 9, 2009

I ran 4 miles to help And muddy... It was wet Race #9 done!

Short Slide Show courtesy of Audrey

Runners talk about this race

You suggested I tell you about the 4 mile trail race in Augusta last Saturday.
It started on a grassy hill we ran down. It was really slippery, so I hopped more than ran. At the bottom of the hill we went across a beaver dam that was overflowing, so we all got wet feet. Then onto a nice trail that was primarily packed dirt and about 4-5 feet wide. Some people might call the course flat. I would say that much of it was winding and reasonably flat, but on the last mile or two there were short hills. The course wound around and joined again at the hill, which we had to run up for the finish. I walked more than ran as did many of the other runners, including Paula.
Prizes were two deep by ten year increments. Second place was a 15 dollar gift certificate to Eping Sports in Bangor. I think first place was 20 dollars. Water was provided but no food, which was okay with me. There was a water stop on the trail about at the 2 3/4 mile point. the group present were enthusiastic and supportive, and we plan to do the race again next year, even though our times were poor.
And still another runner says:
I had decided to run the Epic Sport Rabbit Run four miler,
since on Mother's Day I'd be running with my daughter for
the one mile fun run and the 5k...I thought it would be a
nice warm up.  I had some friends tell me I shouldn't do two
races back to back yet...especially since the Mother's Day
race was the big one I was looking forward to.

In the first 500 yards of the Rabbit Run, there were two
beaver dams that had flooded the trail.  There was no way to
run around it.  So, thru it I ran.  By mile two I had a
significant hot spot on the bottom of my foot, by mile three
it hurt, and since I was only a mile from being done...I
just sucked it up and finished...though it hurt a lot.

As soon as I looked at my foot, I realized what a mistake
I'd made.  The entire bottom of my left foot was a huge
blister.  At first I thought I'd just ruined my chances at a
PR.  Then when it got to be 9pm at night and I'd consulted
all the websites and friends I knew about what to do...I
realized that in order to heal, I couldn't do the Mother's
Day race.  My daughter was horribly disappointed, and so was
I.  I kind of cried about it for the first part of Mother's
Day.  I'm still healing...I at least went for a walk
yesterday and used the treadmill...but it was still very

I was very disappointing...but the lesson was learned:
Don't do anything major the day before a race that is
important to you.

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