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January 7, 2018

Scarborough Frozen 5K.

What do runners say about this event?
2018 is off and running, literally. This afternoon I ran in the Scarborough Frozen 5K. Frozen indeed at about 12 degrees at race time. One of the warmest temps I’ve run in for the last 2 weeks. Had some ice and snow on the course that we had to run in to avoid traffic, so that slowed things down a little. I’m a little disappointed with my time as I had hoped to break the 21 minute mark. I came in with my slowest time of the year at 21:24. But I did finish 4th out of 32 runners, good for 2nd in my age group. My next race is in 2 weeks indoors with many less layers of clothing, which also slowed me down a little today. Congrats to my friend Angela Devi who ran her fastest time of the year this afternoon to win her age group. I told you that you would do just fine. I may have more pics later.” Steven Dubois
Results ~ 32 finishers

December 14, 2008

Tony Myatt of Portland finishes 3rd overall in 2 Mile Race.

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Tony Myatt of Portland, Maine takes 3rd place in 2 Mile race

Tony Myatt of Portland, Maine takes 3rd place in 2 Mile race

Santa’s Toys for Tots

Merrimac, MA, December 14, 2008

Tony Myatt tells Maine Running Photos: At one point I was in the front of the pack and the top 3 of us finished within 5 seconds. I probably could have done the 4 miler but I was in a track meet on Saturday and just wanted to play it safe. Tony tells us that he does not known Ted Tyler but he knows the name. Well, Ted Tyler was on the spot. Ted did a great job covering the Toys of Tots event. David Colby Young & Don Penta  did not go to MA this year to cover this race so once again, thank you Ted Tyler for getting some great photos of Tony and thank you Tony Myatt of sharing with us.

Photos courtesy Ted Tyler


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