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November 4, 2017

2017 Run for Re-Election

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Today (Nov 4, 2017), I, David C. Young, was doing door to door in Auburn, running for re-election to the Auburn City Council @ Large. As I was at Karen’s door a man, named Frank of Litchfield was there at the same time. We were both looking for her. He had her wallet which he had found on the side of the road near Mardens in Lewiston, Maine. I told him that Karen was not home. The best thing for him to do, I told him, was to turn in the wallet in at the Auburn PD. This was the weekend & I was sure all the police would be out on their beats & thinking since he was from out of town he might not know where the APD was. If he had made it to the APD he would have to use the phone which would call 911, it would be best just to call 911 from where we were. So I called 911 and told them that a man was with me who found a wallet belong to Miss Karen ******. She had lost it in Lewiston near Mardens. They wanted to connect us to the LPD but I said please MO as we were waiting at the home of Karen *** who had lost the wallet, For some reason I told them I was an Auburn City Councilor (I was thinking that might help, but at the time I was not sure it that was needed) We were transferred to the APD & they ask me for my date of birth, address & phone number, They said they would send someone over. A few minutes later they called back to say they had talked to Karen ******* and she would be returning home within 5 minutes. I thanked the APD for their help. What great service I was thinking. Karen was okay with APD not being there as one of her Auburn City Councilor would be at her home. The man from Litchfield did not want anything for the return of the wallet but he did get a hug & I took a handshake. I was happy to see just how helpful the APD was today. Karen looks very happy to get her wallet back. Now I hope Frank will have luck too. He has been out of power since Monday. P.S. I talked a few days later to Franks’s future stepson and as of Sunday night I understand Frank was one of the people in Maine who was still without power.

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