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September 28, 2013

Cancer Community Center’s Fight Back Festival

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Cancer Community Center’s Fight Back Festival set 3 5k start

Photos & Video

  • Set 1 Bike race 8:30 am & Pre Running Events  (161 photos)
  • Set 2 10K XC trail Race Start (47 Photos)
  • Set 3 5K Start  (68 Photos)
  • Set 4 5K & 10K runners (759 Photos)
  • Set 5 Awards & Food  (100 photos)
  • Set 6 photos by others fb (40+ maybe more being posted?)
  • video playlist 2013

Blog Reports & Other media:1.News 8 WMTW ,2.fb video,,4.CCC Fight Back Festival Home ,5., 6.,

May 28, 2011

2011 Pineland Farms

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2011  The Pineland Farms


(The finish line videos on the 2nd Day have three time clocks running. You can only see two of them on the side we were filming. On the left is the clock for the 50 Miler & on the right is the clock for the 25K.)


Blog Reports:


In 2010, The Pineland Farm Events May 29 & 30

(Don Penta & David Colby Young took photos & video on 29 May 2010 Results posted) & 30 May 2010 Results

Sat 29 May 2010 Photos of 10K 5K & 5K9 races courtesy of David Colby Young

Video: Wave of 10K Runners

Video: Wave of 5K K9 Running

More Video: 10K Runners

More Part 2: 10K Runners

Don Penta’s Photos of the Sat. Races (10K,  5K & 5K9 races)  (400+) uploaded

1100+ Photos Posted of the 2010 Running of the 50 Miler, 50K & 25K (courtesy of David Colby Young (upload )

Photos of the 2010 Running of the 50 Miler, 50K & 25K courtesy of Don Penta Set 1 (999+)  Set 2 (300+)

Please see also Blaine Moore’s report on the 2010 events held as part of the Pineland Running Fest.

See Steve Wolfe’s Blog Report about Pineland Running Fest in “Hav2Run

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Other Collections of Photos (Off Site Collections)

Also 2010 New Barefoot 5K Video (Courtesy of Jamie Anderson on YouTube)

Below this Line 2009 & the years before

In 2009, we had Over 400 Photos Posted

2009 Pineland Farms Video & Photos

We have about 2 hrs of video. (We have only shared a sample of what we recorded)

2009 Penta Photo Collections

Start of the 50K

50M & 50k Photos

Start of 25k Event

4K k9 Event

All the Events Mixed in Action to the End

2009 Photos courtesy of Jerry LeVasseur

Coverage by the RuntoWin media Run to Win Media see Site for Report

Other Photos

Photos courtesy of Blaine Moore & family

Video: Changed Location to the bottom of the Hill and into the Woods

Find more videos like this on RuncastTV

Please view photo collection of Past Years

Maine Running Photos Archives of Past Pineland Farm Photos

Photos for 2008 courtesy of Felixatvtc

Pineland Farms 08

Event Photos for 2007

Off SIte Pineland Photo collections

Video relating to Pineland farms

Find this page online at

Pineland Farms Trail Challenge Results

New Gloucester, ME, May 24, 2009

[25K Age-Group Awards | 25K Team Results | 50K Overall Results | 50K Age-Group Awards | 50K Team Results | 50M Overall Results | 50M Age-Group Awards | 50M Team Results | 4K Canicross Results ]

Please also visit event web site for information

Pineland Farm races

The Blog Media Reports

“WANT MORE PHOTOS? The race director’s pics are posted here.”  Maine Running Photos management thanks  The official blog of New England Track and Trail for the honor being called the race director but we only live to report on the event and have no control and/or direction of the event.

New England Runner

05/24/2009 Pineland Farms Trail Challenge New Gloucester, ME 50-Mile Results 50K Results 25K Results 4K Canicross Results

Runners Blog about Pineland Farms


I run (2008)


2009 Report from I run Ultras photos & video of 50 Miler

“Sherpa John”

Chris Dunn

Break heart trail running

Trevor’s pineland race report

100_9286 Trevor 26

Trevor  of  Rockland,  Maine

4 photos are from 24 May 2009.

100_9286 Trevor 26
100_9604 Trevor 26
100_9604 Trevor 26
100_9286 Trevor 26

Serious case of the runs

Live Strong Maine


Slow Goin’ 2009 Kate @ Pineland Farms 25K, 05_24_2009 1092

Capstone Photos was there too

Pineland Farms Trail ChallengeGloucester, MaineMay 24, 2009Can’t find your photo using the link above?Try browsing our Lost and Found Section

September 26, 2010

Combat Cancer 10K

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Photos Set 1 Set 2

Set 1 Photos were taken at three locations. quarter mile, 3.3 miles & 5.6 miles. (600+)

Set 2 photos of the start & finish line. (Courtesy of Don Penta)

Video cut 1 Cut 2 Cut 3 Cut 4 Cut 5 Cut 6 Cut 7

Video Report by Blaine Moore

Event web site   2010 Results (Coolrunning)

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