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August 8, 2009

Montville two Miler

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2009 Results in village soup

Montville Field Day two-mile road race. The race drew a field of 64 runners.

Aaron Perry was the overall race winner, completing the course in 11 minutes and 18 seconds.

Galen Cook was the first female finisher, crossing the course in 13:05.

Complete results were not tallied. The age-group winners, who received medals for their accomplishments, were:

Females 13-and-younger –

1, Lily Kassen, 13:39;

2, Amy Rasmus, 15:16;

3, Lillian Eckstein, 15:34.

Males 13-and-younger –

1, Henry Dunkleberger, 13:12;

2, Adam Deutsch, 13:45;

Andrew Cloutier, 14:21.

Females 14-to-17 –

1, Emily Violette, 14:30;

2, Whitney Cross, 14:31;

3, Katie Cloutier, 15:20.

Males 14-to-17 –

1, Gabe Burford, 11:21;

2, Sebastien Balas, 12:18;

3, Jeremy Hardy, 13:02.

Females 18-to-39 –

1, Galen Cook, 13:05;

2, Katherine Collins, 13:18;

3, Kerry Holt, 13:34.

Males 18-to-39 –

1, Perry, 11:18;

2, Daniel Stewart, 13:05;

3, Eric Bassett, 13:07.

Females 40-and-older –

1, Gloria Hewett, 14:24.

Males 40-and-older –

1, Chuck Arrigoni, 11:42;

2, Glen Widmer, 12:21;

3, Dan Avener, 12:31.

The following is a complete list of participants in the race:

Adam Deutsch,

Devon Fay,

Archie Ntumba,

Jack Binda,

Eric Wefald,

David Mallow,

Henry Dunkleberger,

Tyler Small,

Andrew Cloutier,

Vadim Albert,

Karlos Boehike,

Emmett Shell,

Sebastien Balas,

Gabe Burford,

Jeremy Hardy,

Andrew Violette,

Aaron Perry,

Daniel Stewart,

Ace Rivera,

Eric Bassett,

Dan Avener,

Earle Albert,

Chuck Arrigoni,

Doug Fox,

Frank Trocco,

Glen Widmer,

Dan Rowland,

Morgan Small,

Molly Thayer,

Clarie Schultz,

Jordan Raccah,

Molly Vorhaus,

Nina Channing,

Amy Rasmus,

Ginger Simms,

Lillan Eckstein,

Jane Mentzinger,

Lily Kassen,

Mary Collins,

Emily Markham,

Risa Fox,

Zaela Newcomb,

Hadriane Hatfield,

Maya Hatfield,

Mariah Hurd,

Janelle Thornley,

Katie Cloutier,

Brittany Masessa,

Alex Carleton,

Whitney Cross,

Emily Violette,

Carissa Hannan,

Maggie Clark,

Hannah Clark,

Galen Cook,

Julia Ryan,

Hannah Rosenblatt,

Clare Barratt-Wood,

Katerien Collins,

Kate Ahlefeld,

Kerry Holt,

Marissa Markham,

Heidi Hurd

Gloria Hewett.

The race was sponsored by Joseph R. Thornley Cement Contractors.

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