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October 19, 2014

2014 MDI Marathon

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Results see archives

Courtesy of Kevin Freeman

Courtesy of Kevin Freeman


  • Set 1 courtesy of Kevin Freeman fb (977 photos)
  • Set 2 courtesy of Kevin Morris (500+ photos)
  • Set 3 courtesy of Kevin Freeman fb

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November 6, 2011

Maine Runners in NY City Marathon

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Results of Maine Runners Finishing the New York Marathon 2011

Maine Results 2011

Photos  posted for the 2011 NY City Marathon see 2010 for a feel of what the event is like.

Two Females the Fastest Maine Runners in the 2010 NYM


2010 Maine Runners in NY City Marathon    2010 photos of all runners (Links to group collections on Flickr)

2010 photos sharing of NY Marathon Runners on Picasa  One more photo sharing site

Great Pumpkin 10K 10_26_2008 038
2009 Maine Runners in NY City Marathon   2009 photos of some runners but none from Maine

October 16, 2011

2011 Mt. Desert Island Marathon

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16 Oct 2011

Photo courtesy of Kevin Freeman

Photo courtesy of Kevin Freeman

Photos 2011 courtesy of Kevin Freeman, Maine Running Photos volunteer

Results 2011

See also Photos courtesy of Kevin Morris

Video (if we can find it)

2010 Oct 17 MDI Marathon

Video on Youtube (courtesy of Jamie Anderson)

Villagesoup photo coverage of the MDI Event courtesy of  Jason Wimbiscus

2010 Results

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Mt. Desert Island Marathon

Mt. Desert Island, ME, October 18, 2009

[Top 10 M&F | Age Groups | Relay Teams ]

Official race photos: HERE (We will also link to the free one too if we find any)

No FREE Photos found Yet

Mount Desert Island Marathon

Mount Desert Island Marathon photos from Greg Fish, editor of the Bar Harbor Times – MDI Village Soup


May 15, 2011

2011 Sugarloaf Marathon & 15K Photos

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Results 2011 May 15

Bill Green video

Photos of the 2011 Start of the Marathon. It was early dark, cool & rainy. The Finish Line photos are better.

Finish Line 2011 Photos of 15K Runners followed by Marathon Runners

See also photos courtesy of

See also,,

Video of the 15K Course 2011

Video of the Finish Line Cut 1 Cut 2 Cut 3 Cut 4 Cut 5 Cut 6 Cut 7 Cut 8 Cut 9 Cut 10

Blog Reports 2011, mainely running ,

2010 Results for Marathon & 15K

Report on coolrunning

15K Photos set 1 (Courtesy of David Colby Young)

15K Photos set 2 (Courtesy of Don Penta)

Marathon Photos set 1 (Courtesy of  David Colby Young)

Marathon Photos set 2 (Courtesy of Don Penta)

Don Penta reports:

“Out of the 609 total photos that I took near the finish line in Kingfield, Maine, the first 275 were of the 15k. Photos # 277, 278, 279, 281, 282, 283, 284 and 289 were also 15k finishers for a total of 283 photos of 15k finishers. The remaining 326 were of Sugarloaf Marathon finishers.”  Understanding that the 15K & Marathon race had the same finish line and a few 15K runners are slower that others a few runners might be found in the wrong collection of photos. If and/or when we can we will try to move the photos into the correct groups it will be done after we get all the backlog of photos posted.

Short Video clips of a Few of the Top 2010 Sugarloaf Marathon Finishers

2006 Photos

November 1, 2009

Joan Samuelson Sets another Record

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August 18, 2009

Maine Marathon Planning Meeting

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Maine Marathon Meeting 08182009

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