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August 13, 2011

2010-2012 County Open Half Marathon

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2012 results

2012 Results posted to coolrunning

2011 Aug 2011

2011 Results & Photos when we can find them.

2010 No Photos yet

2010 Results

County Open Half Marathon, Island Falls, August 8, 2009

file photo of Chris Peverada courtesy of CU

file photo of Chris Peverada courtesy of University of Chicago

Peverada and Fortson win County Open Half Marathon

Chris Peverada from Hampden, and Britta Fortson from Jacksonville, Florida, were victors in the County Open Half Marathon held in Island Falls this past Saturday. Under sunny skies each runner blitzed the 13.1 miles in super times of 1:13:55 and 1:27:07. In all 48 runners completed the scenic route, and another 19 competed in the relay portion of the race.

Finishing number two were Joe Capehart from Bangor and Marie Strouse from Caribou in times of 1:18:42 and 1:32:19, respectively. Number three over all were Jeff Ashby from Fort Fairfield and Samantha McToush from Bangor in times of 1:19:44 and 1:35:05.

There were six teams in the relay portion of the race. The first team to cross the finish line was the ‘Sleep Heads’ from Caribou in a time of 1:37:08. The team consisted of Leo and Kelly Kashian, Tyler Strid, and Dillon Beckum. Next in 1:42:52 was the ‘No Names’ in 1:42:52. Their team was comprised of Larry and Lauren Hodge, Brent Bailey, and Eric Morris. Finishing third was the team off Angela Ewings, Darrell Thompson, Jaron Gray, and Trevor Levesque in a time of 1:44:06. One team entered the two person relay, and their combined age was 140. Congratulations to Rebekah Stephens and Dave Smith in their time of 2:03:17.

Everyone present received a door prize as over $2000 in gift certificates/gifts were donated by area business. The County Open Half Marathon/Relay is part of other events over this past weekend and is a fundraiser for Houlton Regional Health Foundation.

Following is a list of all winners. The ones with an * in front of their name are overall winners, or age group winners, or relay winners.

Half Marathon

Name Address M/F Age Time.

1. * Chris Peverada Hampden M 22 1:13:55

2. * Joe Capehart Bangor M 30 1:18:42

3. * Jeff Ashby Fort Fairfield M 42 1:19:44

4. * Alfred Hanscom Presque Isle M 33 1:21:42

5. Marco Gudino Wilton M 31 1:21:51

6. * Cory Park Presque Isle M 19 1:22:30

7. * Britta Fortson Jacksonville, FL F 36 1:27:07

8. * Peter LodgeBangorM451:27:08

9. Thomas Beckum Caribou M 33 1:28:10

10. Rick Durgin Westbrook M 36 1:30:03

11. * Marie Strouse Caribou F 23 1:32:19

12. Bob Turner Windham M 39 1:32:25

13. * Erik Sjoberg Hodgdon M 20 1:32:52

14. * Jeff Irving Caribou M 40 1:33:16

15. * Leo Kashian Caribou M 50 1:34:16

16. * Samantha McToush Bangor F 33 1:34:05

17. Carl Soderberg Caribou M 47 1:35:31

18. Ryan King Stockton Springs M 39 1:37:04

19. * Michelle Roy Frenchville E 33 1:39:15

20. Dave Brackett Westbrook M 40 1:39:39

21. Ben Drew Houlton M 38 1:40:58

22. *Linda Mountain Mapleton F 49 1:41:21

23. Dana Morrison Weston M 37 1:41:42

24. Larry Hodge Middleton, CT M 48 1:42:44

25. Angela Ewings Littleton F 41 1:43:00

26. Gary Hebert Caribou M 44 1:43:12

27. Dave Roy Orrington M 49 1:44:20

28. Steve Emery Smyrna M 54 1:45:30

29. Micah Pawling Bucksport M 25 1:48:31

30. Jessica Hicks Franklin F 32 1:48:48

31. Margaret Capehart Bangor F 31 1:48:59

32. Martin Puckett Presque Isle M 32 1:51:34

33. Michael Cushing Gorham M 38 1:51:57

34. *Waldo Libby Fort Kent M 61 1:52:13

35. Chris Smith Presque Isle M 51 1:52:38

36. Mickey Lackey Millinocket M 64 1:53:15

37. Tiffany Randall Ludlow F 37 1:53:39

38. Dave Samuelian Bangor M 62 1:54:19

39. Patrick Allen Orono M 37 1:54:46

40. Lee-Rae Jordan-Oliver Hodgdon F 38 1:54:47

41. *Nicole Porter Caribou F 26 1:58:23

42. Shawn Serra Hodgdon M 30 2:00:45

43. George Richardson New Brunswick, Canada M 63 2:00:54

44. David Bates Houlton M 50 2:00:55

45. Nick Pesut Crouseville M 57 2:16:13

46. David Goodrich Houlton M 52 2:22:45

47. Bill Emery Island Falls M 52 2:22:45

48. Brenda Ferguson New Brunswick, Canada F 46 2:47:14

49. Leah Weston Levant F 26 No Show

50. Elizabeth Lingenfelter Hampden F 49 No Show

51. Edithe Gagnon Hampden F 44 No Show

Relay Teams

Name Address M/F Age Time.

1. *Leo Kashian Caribou M 50 1:37:08

*Kelly Kashian Caribou F 15

*Tyler Strid Caribou M 14

*Dillon Beckum Caribou M 11

2. *Larry Hodge Middleton, CT M 48 1:42:42

*Brent BaileyHoultonM47

*Eric Morris Presque Isle M 18

*Lauren Hodge Middleton, CT F 14

3. *Angela Ewings Littleton F 41 1:44:06

*Darrell ThompsonHodgdonM45

*Jaron GrayDanforthM18

*Trevor Levesque Presque Isle M 13

4. Jennifer Walker Island Falls F 31 1:51:18

Parker Walker Island Falls M 12

Moriah Morris Presque Isle F 21

Kylan Smith Presque Isle F 21

5. *Rebekah Stephens Wilmington, NC F 72 2:03:17

*Dave SmithWlimington, NCM68

6. Dave Bates Houlton M 50 2:07:26

Jim Hohenstein Greenfield M 59

Oliver Goodrich Rowley, MA M 28

Heather Harvell Maine F 31

2007 Results

August 6, 2011

Island Falls Summerfest

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2011-08-06 Results

Photos courtesy of Leo Kashian

We will look for 2010 event photos. If we can not find any, we will look for file photos of event winners.

2010 Results

2009 Island Falls Summerfest Race Results

The 17th annual Island Falls Summerfest was another great success, as 89 participants enjoyed the fun, weather, and competition. The winners in this 5k run/4k walk/half-mile fun run selected their prize from dozens and dozens of home-made pies and other desserts, a treat that everyone looks forward to. The pie/dessert auction that followed, along with entry fees, made this the highest fundraiser to date, which was benefited equally between the Agape Food Pantry and the Greater Houlton Christian Academy. Many thanks to: all those who participated in one of the events; to the many, many businesses in the area that donated close to one thousand dollars in door prizes, plus water, fruit, and ice (In fact there was not one business in Island Falls that did not help out, so thanks them when you patronize their business); to the many businesses in the southern Aroostook who donated door prizes; to the tireless efforts of those working behind the scenes/during race day; and to the many faithful and talented cooks that supplied many a delicious pie/dessert. Without all of you this largest race event in the County would not be the fun and success that it is, so a big-time thanks. Seeing the smiles, the excitement, and the laughter were absolutely priceless.

The overall winners were Jeff Ashby of Fort Fairfield and Marie Strouse of Caribou, with times of 17:29 and 19:29, respectively. Marie’s time was just 12 seconds away from Angela Ewings record set in 1997. The overall walk winners were Jim DeCrescenzo from New Jersey and Lauren Rockwell of Island Falls with times of 26:09 and 26:13, respectively. The half mile fun run for those under 10 was won by Tyler Levesque of Presque Isle in a record 3:26 (WOW!), and Teagan Ewings from Littleton in 3:50. Several age groups had very close competition, as you will note by the times, so that was extra exciting.

Following are the lists of all winners, with their age and place of residence. Those with an * by their name were winners in their respective age groups. As always, next year’s race will be the first Saturday in August, which will be the 7th in 2010. Please plan ahead to participant in the races or dessert making or both.


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