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December 7, 2009

Auburn Celebration & Inaugural

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Video & Photo Slide Shows Courtesy of Betty Keene Young

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November 4, 2009

David Colby Young Wins Again

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David Colby Young is Re-Elected to Auburn City Council

1474 people voted for David C. Young & another way to look at the results would be: 324 people did not vote for Young out of the 1798 people who did vote on Question One.  The blank votes were not enough to defeat David Colby Young on his bid for an addition two year term in office.

Photos taken by David C Young on Election Night


Ward 1

ward 2




August 20, 2009

Auburn Run for City Hall 3 Nov 2009

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David Colby Young runs again for the same office

also see Sun-Journal


MAYOR (Vote for One) (All Wards)

Richard D. Gleason, 415 West Auburn Road

Ronald W. Potvin, 82 Northern Avenue

CITY COUNCIL WARD 1 (Vote for One)

Michael J. Farrell, 169 Beaver Road

Richard R. Francoeur, 147 Broadview Avenue

CITY COUNCIL WARD 2 (Vote for One)

Robert P. Hayes, 172 Allen Avenue

CITY COUNCIL WARD 3 (Vote for One)

Daniel R. Herrick, 470 Hatch Road

CITY COUNCIL WARD 4 (Vote for One)

David C. Young, 1167 Old Danville Road

CITY COUNCIL WARD 5 (Vote for One)

Raymond C. Berube, 117 Ninth Street

CITY COUNCIL AT-LARGE (Vote for Two) (All Wards)

Gary E. Baillargeon, 144 Broadview Avenue

Kenneth J. Bellefleur, 100 Royal River Road

Belinda A. Gerry, 143 Mill Street

Robert C. Mennealy, 43 Royal Oaks Drive

Eric G. Samson, 28 Windemere Way


Lane I. Feldman, 100 Chickadee Drive


Bonnie J. Hayes, 172 Allen Avenue


Thomas M. Kendall, 221 Stevens Mills Road


Susan W. Gaylord, 432 Beech Hill Road


Constance J. Mercier, 25 Fourth Street

Lawrence B. Pelletier, 129 Second Street

SCHOOL COMMITTEE AT-LARGE (Vote for Two) (All Wards)

Francois R. Bussiere, 9 Winter Street

David Das, 104 Fourth Street

January 7, 2009

David Colby Young Wins Auburn, Maine Ward 4 Council Seat

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courtesy of the Twin City Times

courtesy of the Twin City Times

Auburn Ward 4 City Councilor

The issues of the Day
Auburn Schools
#1  David Young does not favor a  major renovation to the ELHS without state participation. It is not fair to place the total tax burden on Auburn taxpayers especially when cities like Falmouth and Gorham get help. These towns with high incomes remain high on the State of Maine’s list to get money for their local school projects.
Auburn annexing other towns and/or cities
#2  David Young does not favor a rush to consolidate with Lewiston or any other town. Rushing to do this for the sake of immediate cost savings will erode our control and it will not save any money. Savings can be found both in house and with some cooperation with Lewiston and/or other Androscoggin or even Cumberland County towns. Why take the risk of a marriage?  We need to look at the total picture. A marriage or civil union means we will pool our resources & debts with another city or town. Lewiston has more debt and different priorities. As we tell our children not to rush into marriage without looking first, this should be no different. This is an unpopular arguement as the vocal supporters are only looking at the good points.  They say “We know the other city has debt but after the merger this will change.”  Warning! in a 60% Lewiston to 40% Auburn power split,  just whose taxes will be paying for whose priorities? As with the teenage son or daughter the more objections you point out the more they dismiss the negatives.  Please look at the facts without emotion. In the end it will be the role of the State House & Senate to approve a merger, of course some people mistrust them.  This is not to say that the City of Lewiston is bad, only that they have significant financial problems.   Auburn should  look closely before they become cosigners for Lewiston’s loans. We should  build on our similarities and enhance our relationship. If Auburn & Lewiston were the same size with the same interests there would be fewer problems with a merger.
Public Transportation
#3  David Young favors prioritizing transportation by exploring more efficient alternatives such as railroads  and bus lines.
Public Service
#4  David Young has experience with the Auburn Schools both as a three term Auburn School Committee member and as the parent of two children who attended Auburn schools. I value education and will seek to collaborate with the school department to ensure that art, music, and theater don’t get left behind in these difficult budget times. I have also have experience on other boards & committees (i.e. Maine Track Club, Maine Genealogical Society, Maine State Grange, Life Underwriters to name a few)
Taxes & Services
#5  I believe that property taxes should be held at a reasonable level while demanding the most efficient delivery of the important services that the City provides. In the end we will have a stronger leaner government.
LA Arts & the Great Falls Performing Arts Center
The CLT, the Share Center and the other renters at Great Falls school should be offered long term leases (five years). I  can support the plan #3.  More information about plan #3 on request.
Even if you plan to vote for one of the two others, I value you opinion on the above issues.  It helps to see important issues from different perspectives.
2009 01 05 the three of us running for Ward 4 Auburn City Council given one minute to say a few words.

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