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November 18, 2012

Athens Farm to Farm Turkey Trot 5k

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Results of 2012 Athens Farm to Farm Turkey Trot 5k
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nov 12 047

See Photos courtesy of the event

Farm to Farm Turkey Trot
November 18, 2012
Sites Farm in Athens

1)    Kassie Dwyer               23:36
2)    Christal Siren              24:46
3)    Kris Turcotte               26:04
4)    Casey Nickerson         26:15
5)    Everett Flannery         26:19
6)    Lori Sharrow               27:19
7)    Debra Kanter              28:59
8)    Jessica Ward               30:15:21
9)    Lettie Nickerson         30:15:75
10)    Heather Henderson 31:07
11)    Tina Steeves             31:22
12)    Peter Mills                 31:27
13)    Andrew Linkletter    31:46
14)    Angela McMahon     32:36
15)    D.J. Pohlman             33:01
16)    Ron Paquette            33:07
17)    Sally Dwyer               34:02
18)    Katie McLaughlin     35:39 (with stroller)
19)    Sandy Linkletter       38:50 (walker)
20)    Sara McCabe            41:20 (with stroller)
21)    Robert Rowe            42:05
22)    Mark Strout              49:42 (walker

June 22, 2010

Farm to Farm 5K

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2010 Results & Photos

  • 2010-06-22 farmtofarm Results & Photos (Courtesy of the Sawyers)
  • August 25, 2009

    The Sawyer Report of the Farm to Farm 5K

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    Paula Sawyer Reports on the Athens Farm to Farm 5K

    There has been a 10 week “Farm to Farm 5K ” race series  in Athens, Maine,  20 miles north of us and the last race of the series was  held on 25 Aug 2009.  We (Charles & Paula Sawyer) decided to drive up there and take part.  We have been meaning to do this but throughout the whole month of June it rained and then in July,  it was so very hot.    We were glad we made the trip.  Most of the folks up there including high school track teamers,  young adults and those our age have been doing this race regularly since June despite the weather.     They all have gotten to  know each other and have had a good time. Some had started out as walkers and became runners.  Some have lost weight and have lowered their cholesterol numbers!   The race does start at one farm and winds its way on a dirt path along the country side past another farm and then further down the dirt road. Then there is a turnaround with a waterstop.  On Aug 25th wasn’t too hot and there was lots and lots of shade so running this race wasn’t too tortuous.  The race organizer, Margorie Scott from Athens, Maine. and  others who assist her,  do this series for a really good cause.  All proceeds go to helping those less fortunate in the community of Athens.  The time keeper of each race,  Eleanor,  was diagnosed with brain cancer and some of the proceeds have  helped her with transportation expenses commuting back and forth from Athens to Augusta’s Cancer Treatment Center.  On the 25th of Aug it was the finale of the series. Margorie Scott  had several special prizes to those participants and raffle winners.  They don’t do age category prizes but they do award fastest times and also draw attention to the young folks who run.  Charlie was a raffle winner and won a beautiful, hand stitched 4X6 quilted pad on which there was a design of a farm and in the foreground were Maine veggies and fruit including potatoes, blueberries and strawberries all quilted on the beautifully designed quilted pad.   On the back of the quilt were the words  “Farm to Farm 5K  2009”   Some other volunteer had made home- made vanilla ice cream. The iice cream with cookies was passed along when  we crossed the finish line. I guess the Farm to Farm series will again take place next summer and will start up in mid-June.
    We will definitely try to make every effort to participate in more of the 5K races next summer. Marjorie Scott plans to start the first of the series on June 22.
    The venue,  the area in Central  Maine and the participants and volunteers are all great welcoming folks. Registration fee is only $3.00 … Well worth the ride and run once you get there!:)))  !  Lots of fun and a really good training /competitive run!  They do it every Tuesday night at 6:00 PM rain or shine!    And a very demanding course, if I do say so myself.  Charlie ran in the 24’s and I squeeked through with a 30.59.

    Above are some photos I took at the 10th and last in a 10- part series of the “Farm to Farm 5K ” runs sponsored by the Victory Women’s Club of Athens, Maine.
    On Tuesday nights,  as many as 55 runners have shown up.  Each week, there was a raffle drawing for a $25.00 gift certificate to New Balance Shoe Outlet and although we only attended one race, (the final one last night),  we were impressed by the camaraderie, the  enthusiasm and the spirit of both the volunteers and the runners.
    At the awards ceremony,  Margorie Scott recognized each and every one of her volunteers with an award. Runners who had participated in every event were recognized. She showed great attention to the youth of the community who have become athletically involved in the school and the community.Matt McClintock 101_0090 A local boy,  Matt McClintock,  who attends Madison High School,  won last year’s  Class D cross-country team’s championship,  Matt is well-known in this area as a great runner.  Matt McClintock is only a sophomore this year.  He ran the Madison -Anson Old Home Days race last Thursday night with a 17.01. I don’t know how fast he ran at this last race, but he did place first overall.
    The home made vanilla  ice cream was delicious and cookies were also available along with the ice cream and the bottles of water.
    The results will be posted on ,
    Hope the pics help to give you an idea of what took place these past 10 weeks in Athens!
    Other notes from me to Marjorie and from her to me are from the earlier part of the summer before the series began.  Charlie and I only did one because of the rains in June and July and the heat in August but we were told that no matter the weather,  a great number of folks showed up anyway!
    Paula Sawyer

    July 28, 2009

    2009 ~Weekly Farm to Farm 5K

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    June 23, 2009 (Tuesday)

    Farm to Farm 5K
    Athens, ME 6:00PM Sites Farm, 98 Joaquin Road (Weekly themes, drawings, all on scenic dirt road)
    This event was held last year and will again be held in 2009. On 23 June 2009 the 1st part of a weekly 10 part series is planned.  Paula & Charles Sawyer plan to travel to one of these races this year to check the event out.  Stay tuned for the “Sawyer Report”.
    Contact: Marjorie Scott (Athens Victory Club), 122 Fox Hill Road, Athens, ME, USA, 04912. 1-207-654-2298

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