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February 12, 2012

Bradbury Mtn White Out 4.25 Miler Snowshoe Races

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2012 Results 2012-02-12  Bradbury Mtn WhiteOut

Photos Set 1 Set 2

Video  Cut 1 Cut 2

2011-02-13   Bradbury Mtn White Out

2011 Results & 2011 Results on coolrunning 2011  Photos courtesy of Don Penta

2011 Video Courtesy of Don Penta posted to FB
For people not on FACEBOOK see Video Cuts Set 1 Set 2 Set 3

see event web site for more information.

see event web site for more information.

February 11, 2012

Androscoggin County GOP Caucus

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Yes, this is an election year & these people are “running”. If we get an invite to the Androscoggin Democratic Caucus, We would be willing to give them same type of coverage. If we do not get an invite we will try to place a link to some person covering the Androscoggin Democrats.



  • Cut 1
  • Cut 2 (Kevin Raye)
  • Cut 3 (Blaine Richardson)
  • Cut 4 (Surrogate for Senator Olympia Snowe)(Paper states on 28 Feb 2012 Not Running for re-election)
  • Cut 5 (Scott D’Amboise ~ Candidate for United State Senate)
  • Cut 6 (Maine Attorney General ~ Bill Schneider)
  • Cut 7 (Peter Mills)
  • Cut 8 (John Turner)
  • Cut 9 (Ron Paul for President)
  • Cut 10 (GOP Candidates)
  • Cut 11 ( Kelly Ayotte ~surrogate for Mitt Romney for President)
  • Cut 12 ( Kelly Ayotte ~surrogate for Mitt Romney for President part 2)
  • Cut 13 (Surrogate for Rick Santorum)
  • Cut 14
  • Cut 15 (Auburn GOP Caucus)

EMITL Championship Meet PVC Indoor Track 2012

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courtesy photo

Set 1 Boys Results

The Polar Bear 5K

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Results 2012

2012 Photos Set 1 (700+ photos)  &

Video of the Start

Blog Reports: D Sterling

Results 12 Feb 2011 (if we get photos we will post them)

Sorry Don Penta will not be taking photos of the 2011 event. He had a conflict of interest today.

2010 Polar Bear Photos Courtesy of Don Penta


Please see the 2009 photos courtesy of Young & Penta.

February 14, 2009 (Saturday)

The Polar Bear 5k

Video of the Awards

Video of the race

Interviews video
Portland, ME 9:00AM Marginal Way, 317 Marginal Way
Contact: Will Thomas (Tri Maine), 164 Market Street, Suite 3, Portland, ME, USA, 04101. 1-207-221-5420 x4
> Yahoo! Maps | > Register Now

Penta Photos Now! Thanks to Don Penta!

News Center coverage (Well, WCSH 6 did have a video posted)

You can watch other video on Youtube 2009

This race was sold out at 250 runners!

February 5, 2012

Mid Winter 10 Miler at Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Mid Winter 10 Miler  5 Feb 2012

Looking for our 2013 coverage?  Here


Photos Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Set 6 Set 7 Set 8

Video~PlayList Cut 1 Cut 2 Cut 3 Cut 4 Cut 5 Cut 6 Cut 7

see also Maine Track Club video recorded live see more on the BrockForeman Channel We are going to be seeing more & better live coverage of Maine Track events congrats to the Maine Track Club.

2012 Bloggers on the MidWinter 10 Miler. Running with the Girls, Pattie Runs, What’s Next?, Kellie Tri’s, Maine Mom on the Run, The Bet, danielle09justdoit, blackstraphell, MaineRunner, Bootstrap, The Rhyme and Reason, Middleagerunner, Tales of a Running Mom, angesdrivetotri, Marisa’s Blog, Tales of a Running Mom, ,


2012 &/or 2012 (no race in 2011) 2010 ,2009,2008, 2007, 2006 2005 ,2004, 2003 2002 2001 2000, 1999, 1998 1997, 1996 ,1995 ,1994 ,1993 ,1992 ,1991 ,1990 ,1989,1988a ,1988b ,1987, 1986 ,1985,1984 ,1983 ,1982

The race was held on 7 Feb 2010 at Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The video clips taken at Mile One & Mile Five have been posted. Please see links below.  You will be able to view them on YouTube.


Mile 1

Mile 5 reel 1

mile 5 reel 2

mile  5 reel 3

mile 5 reel 4

mile 5 reel 5

Video clips are on

Or Try Maine Running Channel

912 Penta Photos of the 2010 MWC 10 Miler (upload)

WMTW Channel 8 Portland, Maine Reports with video of the race

see  report

Blaine Moore Reports after running the 2010 MWC 10 Miler

2009 Mid-Winter 10 Miler Classic Photos

Three Videos: Start mile 1, at Mile 9 and the last of the Mile 9 runners


Watch 10 miler2009 mile9 part 1

Watch 10 Miler2009 mile 9 part 2

Photos courtesy of the family of Blaine Moore

The 2009 MWC 10 Miler Photos Courtesy of Don Penta are uploaded!

28th MWC 02_01_2009 001

Click on the photo above to see all MWC courtesy of Don P. Penta’s Photos

694 photos | 13 views | Add a comment?

items are from between 01 Feb 2009 & 06 Feb 2009.

Review in Maine Running 1982 by Charles Scribner

(We are working getting the complete results for: 1990,  We have linked to the Maine Track Club News*Run collection when there is data)(N.B.  the Maine Running Mag states in the April 1995 issue The 10 Miler Classic -Cape Elizabeth had to be postponed from earlier in the month of Feb because of the season’s only real snowstorm. It was, calm & 16 degrees -perfect winter running)

Past Photos collections

also Photos:  1995p

This race often has a number of people giving massage therapy.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
Michelle Patrick
Michelle Patrick
Julia Kirtland
Julia Kirtland
Laura Vecchio
Laura Vecchio

(These cards are added as a courtesy to the runners as well as the people who offered their help at the event)

Core3 Massage – Julia Kirtland – – (207)-319-5817
Core3 Massage is Julia Kirtland, Licensed Massage Therapist. Julia, a marathon runner, enjoys doing deep massage work for triathletes, runners, cyclists and other athletes. She races in the occasional triathlon, and is lucky enough to share space with Tri-ME’s new retail shop in Portland.

Mid Winter 10 Miler Archives

Thank you for reading the whole posting. This year has offered their services. Now they are in the business to sell photos and Don Penta & I welcome the help. Click below

Capstone’s Photography of: Maine Track Club Mid-Winter ClassicCape Elizabeth, MaineFebruary 1, 2009Can’t find your photo using the link above?Try browsing our Lost and Found Section

2008 Runner post photos on Flickr

Sn0m8n blogger What he says about the 10 Miler.

February 3, 2012

KVAC Track & Field

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KVAC Meet @ Bowdoin College 03 Feb 2012

Photos set 1 Set 2 (FB courtesy of Jason Eggleston)

Race Results 3 Feb 2012

Video 55 Meter Dashes

KVAC Meet @ Bowdoin College 27 Jan 2012




2012-01-27 video

KVAC Meet @ Bowdoin College 13 Jan 2012

13 Jan 2012 Results

Photos & video 13 Jan 2012

  • Set One (700+ photos courtesy of David C Young
  • Set Two (Courtesy of MTA Track on FB)
  • Video playlist (this playlist has one more video cut of an event held the next day at Belgrade, Maine. This is a bonus. High school students might try this event in 2013. We did not have any this year.)

Results 2012-01-07

Photos 2012-01-07

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