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October 9, 2011

Mountain Epic Races

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Results 2011 2010 2009

We were not at Sunday River this weekend. There was more than enough media coverage of these events without us.  We will try our best to link to where you can find the reports.
Mountain Epic Sunday River 2010  -  Photo by
The mountain races where hosted by Tri-Maine

Photos 2011 2010 2009

Waterford Fall Foliage 5K

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9 Oct 2011



Photos Set 1 Set 2

Video:  7 Cuts Please see Play List on YouTube

Other bloggers Reports:

16 Oct 2010



Kids race* photos Set  2* (5K Finish) Set 3 (Photos by Penta)

Video*: Cut 1 Fun Run Start Cut2  Fun Run Cut 3 5K Finish Cut 4   5K Finish Cut 5 5K Finish Cut 6 5K finish

Video of the Awards: Cut 1 Cut 2 Cut 3

*(NB The video & Kides race was taken by David Colby Young, who was also in the 5K race.  Set 2 starts with place 42 who was ABIGAIL BENNETT 14 F OXFORD  ME  25:39 pace 8:16 & place 43 RICHARD BENNETT 47 M OXFORD   ME 25:43  8:17. Any runners finishing before the Bennetts in the 5K  will have to wait for Don Penta’s photos.  The video was setup by David C Young & should cover everyone.)

See results & photos of years before below

Photos by Young set 1

2009 Video of the Awards

Penta Photos



2008 Oct 12 9th Annual Waterford Fall Foliage 5K Race/Walk & 1 Mile Fun Run Waterford

2007 2006


2004 age awards





Past Year Photos

2007 photos

2006 photos

October 8, 2011

Craig Cup Race

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8 Oct 2011


2011 Photos Set 1 courtesy of Don Penta

2011 Video courtesy of Don Penta

Oct 9, 2010


Results 2010
Photos Set 1 Set 2 Set 3

Set 1 by Young Set 2 by Penta & Set 3 by Moore
Video Start/Finish Awards & Awards for USATF

2009 Photos

Don Penta’s 2009 Photos

For more race information, see Race Website

Craig Cup and Open Masters 5K :

Craig Cup and Open Masters 5K

Updated: Oct 10, 2009 10:38pm EDT

2009 Results

2006 race 1 2 3
2005 race 1 2 3

past years 2004, 2006, 2007,  & 2008 photos

Dempsey Challenge 5K Run/Walk

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8 Oct 2011

2011 Photos Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Courtesy of David Colby Young (1700+ photos when all are uploaded)

Video Cut 1 Start of 10K Cut 2 (10K Run 1st Loop  & Start of 5K)  Cut 3 (Finish Line) Cut 4 Cut 5 Cut 6 Cut 7

DSC_8118 Sept 2, 2010

Video Cut 1 (Pre-event & 10K Start) Cut 2 (5K start)   Cut 3 Cut 4 Cut 5 Cut 6 Cut 7 Cut 8 Cut 9

This was not a timed event. 10K runners /walkers started before the 5K runner walker.

Photos courtesy of maine running photos Set 1 & Set 2 & Set 3

The  photos in Set 2 can also be found at Maine Running Photos on facebook. (All upload by 1 PM Friday Oct 8th).

Patrick Dempsey

Photos of Patrick Dempsey

Photos after the 5K Finish

See below the 1st Male Finisher of the Dempsey 5K Run

19:58 winning time for 1st Male (This time was bases on the Nikon start time of  8:45 EDS Time)


We are still uploading event photos.

The 1st female to cross the finish line was Marjorie Graff.  (20:54)


This was not a timed event but had it been timed she would have been the winner for the female side of the 5K foot race.

We almost have a photo of every runner who finished. We have requested a bib list as there will not be any results posted. Maine Running Photos photojournalist, David Colby Young, was near the finish line so you can have an idea of the finishing order. The finishing time of every person might be more difficult to state. If we get a bib list we will post a few more top finishers.

WMTW – Channel 8

Video highlights from the Dempsey Challenge

Sun Journal

Challenge raises more than $1 million (story and video)

Dempsey comes home to bike for hospital fundraiser

Traffic smooth for Sunday’s Dempsey Challenge

Dempsey receives L/A Arts award

We have over 1000 images to upload so it might take a few days to get them all uploaded


5K Road Race Video at the Finish Line

Watch All Categories Videos | View More Free Videos Online at

October 2, 2011

Maine Marathon

Maine Marathon – Half -&-Relay Sold out 2 Oct 2011

Photos Set 1a Set 2a Set 3a Courtesy of Don Penta  uploading 2500+ Photos & video of the start

Video finish Cut 1 Cut 2 Cut 3 Cut 4 Cut 5 Cut 6 Cut 7 Cut 8 Cut 9 Cut 10 Cut 11 Cut 12 Cut 13 Cut 14 Cut 15 Cut 16 Cut 17
Photos Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 courtesy of David Colby Young upload 3400+

See also photos courtesy of Kevin Morris

Maine Marathon 3 Oct 2010  Results


2010 Photos for Half & Full Mixed  Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 (all posted by Thurs. 7 Oct 2010)

Photos Courtesy of Don Penta  Set Pre-Race Set 6AM Start Set 7:45AM Start Set Waiting for Half Set Half Finish Set 2 Half Finish Set 3 Half Finish Set of Relay & Full Finish Set 2 Relay  & Full Finish Set Maine National Guard & Last Marathon Runners (Don Penta’s Marathon 2010 upload by 2:10pm on Oct 12, 2010) Now the edit did we miss any? Don Penta would know.

Other Photos: Set 1 Set 2 (Facebook) Set 3 (facebook) set 4 (facebook)

(You may not be able to see all these photos if you are not on facebook &/or  not a friend to some of the people connected to the collections)

Video Cut 1 Cut 2 Cut 3 Cut 4 Cut 5 Cut 6 Cut 7 Cut 8 Cut 9 Cut 10 Cut 11 Cut 12 Cut 13 Cut 14 Cut  15  Cut 16 Cut 17 Cut  18 Cut 19 Cut 20 Cut 21 Cut 22 Cut 23 Cut 24 Cut 25 26 Cut & Last Cut

You will not see any Relay Marathon Runners until Cut 10 & then the Marathon Runners will be mixed in with the Half marathon runners & walkers. 26 cuts of video or 4+ hours.

Blog Reports & Other Media Video: 1. Fox23, 2. Blaine Moore’s RuntoWin, 3. Gregory Lull 4.Mainely Running video ,5.,

If you want to find a good marathon photo fast buy one from ChamberPhotos

2009 Maine Marathon Oct 3rd the night before

The video of Larry Macon’s Talk posted on Sunday 4 Oct 2009

Watch 50 States membership report at Portland, Maine in Family |  View More Free Videos Online at

Watch 50 States joke on Larry-0001.mpg in Comedy |  View More Free Videos Online at

Part 3 of the 50 State Marathon Club Reunion Report & Awards

Watch 50 States reports of Meetings & Awards Given in Comedy |  View More Free Videos Online at

Part 4 of the 50 State Marathon Club Reunion Meeting

Watch 50 States Final part of the Reunion Meeting of 50 Staters in Family |  View More Free Videos Online at

2009 Results

Maine Marathon 4 Oct 2009

Penta Photos 2009 part 1

Penta Photos part 2

Penta Photos part 3

Video & Photos of Years ago

Online Videos by

2008 Maine Marathon

15 sets

see also

2007 Maine Marathon Photos by Penta & Young

Maine Marathon Group

See Portland Press video

Past Photos


See also

Chambers Photos (Marathon Photos for sale)

The 50 States Marathon Club says:

Maine Marathon–Portland, ME  10/04/09The reunion was a success and we would like to thank the Maine Marathon for all their help and donations. For those who missed the meeting, we had it filmed by David Colby Young.  (video)

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