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May 15, 2011

2011 Bath ~ Home Run 5k

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2011 Results

2011 Photos
2011 Photos courtesy of David Colby Young

Safe Passage

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Cumberland, Maine 15 May 2011

Results 2011
Photos 2011

Video 2011

Cumberland & Windham, Maine Safe Passage 5K 25 Sept. 2010


You can click on the photo above to see more photos. Don Penta of Windham, Maine covered Cumberland, Maine. (see photos) No known person covering Windham, Maine

Past Year Photos 2005-2009

Safe Passage 5K photo collections

See also Beth Rands 2008 photos

2009 results

2009 Photos by David Colby Young

Penta pre-race 2009 photos

Penta photos of the Start

Penta photos at finish line

Penta Post Race Photos

2011 Sugarloaf Marathon & 15K Photos

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Results 2011 May 15

Bill Green video

Photos of the 2011 Start of the Marathon. It was early dark, cool & rainy. The Finish Line photos are better.

Finish Line 2011 Photos of 15K Runners followed by Marathon Runners

See also photos courtesy of

See also,,

Video of the 15K Course 2011

Video of the Finish Line Cut 1 Cut 2 Cut 3 Cut 4 Cut 5 Cut 6 Cut 7 Cut 8 Cut 9 Cut 10

Blog Reports 2011, mainely running ,

2010 Results for Marathon & 15K

Report on coolrunning

15K Photos set 1 (Courtesy of David Colby Young)

15K Photos set 2 (Courtesy of Don Penta)

Marathon Photos set 1 (Courtesy of  David Colby Young)

Marathon Photos set 2 (Courtesy of Don Penta)

Don Penta reports:

“Out of the 609 total photos that I took near the finish line in Kingfield, Maine, the first 275 were of the 15k. Photos # 277, 278, 279, 281, 282, 283, 284 and 289 were also 15k finishers for a total of 283 photos of 15k finishers. The remaining 326 were of Sugarloaf Marathon finishers.”  Understanding that the 15K & Marathon race had the same finish line and a few 15K runners are slower that others a few runners might be found in the wrong collection of photos. If and/or when we can we will try to move the photos into the correct groups it will be done after we get all the backlog of photos posted.

Short Video clips of a Few of the Top 2010 Sugarloaf Marathon Finishers

2006 Photos

2011 Patty’s Race

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15 May 2011 the race results on coolrunning

The 2010 Race results can be found on coolrunning

We will link to the 2010 photos as soon as we get them!

Race Directors Report

Hello Patty’s Race Groups,
What a great day last Sunday, and a great turnout, as close to 200 people registered for the walk / run and 167 finished. If you get to see Thursday’s Lincoln news there’s some great coverage, including several pictures.
The list of Award Winners and Complete list of finishers is attached. To all of you who were supportive in any way, volunteering, sponsoring, participating, and to those of you who are away and were thinking of Patty and all of us, thank you.
The List of Award Winners was published in last Thursday’s Lincoln News. The complete list of finishers will be published in this Thursday’s Lincoln News, and a special thank you to our sponsors will come out in the following week’s Lincoln News. We’ll also e-mail to you the thank you to our sponsors.
A couple items about this year’s race:
In 64th place with a time of 39:27 is a Female in the 30-39 age group who ordered a small shirt. This finisher’s name tag was ripped and the name was completely missing. If you know who this is please let us know.
A stretchy multi colored bead bracelet / anklet was found under the registration table. If you know who it belongs to, let us know.
Again, from all of Patty’s family,
Thank you,
Mike and Robin

Patty’s Race
Sunday May 17, 2009 1:00 pm, Lee Academy, Lee Maine. Race Day Registration begins at 11:00 am

file photo of Ty Thurlow, Courtesy of UMF

file photo of Ty Thurlow, Courtesy of UMF

190 lee1

Ty Thurlow of Lee is the first 3 time winner of the race and blistered the course record by 1 minute and 35 seconds. His 17:40 performance this year beat the previous record of 19:15 set in 2006 by Austin Townsend. Prior to 2006 Ty held the record of 19:39 set during the first “Patricia Lynn Corbin Memorial Walk / Run” in 2003. Ty also won the race last year (2008) with a time of 19:21. Ty referred to the race as “this is Patty’s Race” in Chris Debeck’s Lincoln News post race interview with him in 2003,  and we have referred to it as “Patty’s Race” ever since.  The only other multiple winner is Drew Pickering of Lee who won in 2005 with a time of 19:42, and again in 2007 with a time of 19:29. Ty’s planning to run a marathon in Vermont next week and his Dad told me he’s been training about 80 miles a week…Phew!!!  This was his last speed training session during his marathon taper. Quite a performance!
There have been no 2 time overall winners in the female division. The female course record of 23:49 was set in 2004 by Bernie Stockley of Chester.
We’ll have the complete list of finishers (153) with times to you soon.
Award winners, complete list of finishers, and thank you to our sponsors will be in the Lincoln News and on the web site; soon.
Thanks again,
Mike, Robin and family.
Instructions Registration Form Course Map
Information on previous races2009_pattys_race_finishers overall results2009_pattys_race_award_winners
2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003


From: Corbins
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 6:48 AM
Subject: Patty’s Race Update
Hello Patty’s Race Running Clubs Group,
Less than a week away. This coming Sunday.
Overall the course is drier than previous years, although the couple of wet spots through the woods trail behind the high school remain, and could benefit from a couple pallets to bridge them. We’ll have them covered for race day if needed. If we get a good running day, and the course remains drier, could be ripe for a new course record!
A recent new addition this year is “Peppermint Patty Ice Cream Sundaes”, (in memory of Patty), at Sandy Gifford’s “Village Ice Cream Shop” in the “Home on the Grange” near the corner of rte 6 and the Winn Rd.
Updated Race Instructions are 2009_pattys_race_instructions Registration form is on the web site;  as is a map of the course and much more.
On behalf of Lee Academy, all the race organizers, and Patty’s family, thanks for your support.
Mike & Robin

May 14, 2011

Run From Hill

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Photo courtesy of Paul & Lisa Dyer

Photo courtesy of Paul & Lisa Dyer

Photo 2011
Results 2011

ERA for MDA 5K at Augusta

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The 2011 event was held 14 May 2011

_DSC0221 1171 Joshua Ringer courtesy of Don Penta

2011 Results posted to coolrunning

The 2010 event was held May 22, 2010

Here are the 2010 Results Click Here PDF

Or Down Load Photos of the 2010 Results

file photo of David Drew courtesy of Don Penta
file photo of David Drew courtesy of Don Penta

PDF race_results of the 2 May 2009 event held in Augusta, Maine

David Drew of Litchfield, Maine was the overall finisher with the time of 18:26
Marie Strouse of Caribou, Maine finished 2nd with the time of 19:33 to be the 1st female finisher.
Please see the link to the PDF file for the complete running results.
Results 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001

The 2009 race photos & results are courtesy of

ERA Webb Associates

Bethany Martin

Operations Manager

(207) 623-4182 ext 302

ERA Webb Associates

Bethany Martin

Operations Manager

(207) 623-4182 ext 302

2011 Run for Hope 5K

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2011 Results
Are you looking for the 2013 Results  & Photos?

2011 Photos

  • Set 1 Courtesy of Don Penta
  • Set 2 Courtesy of David Colby Young
  • Set 3


2010 Results

2010 Photos Courtesy of Don Penta

> Printer-friendly page

Run for Hope 5K

Portland, ME, May 9, 2009

[Age-Group Results ]

2009 Photos courtesy of Don Penta of the Maine Track Club

Portland Trails 10K SD #! 9_21_2008 163

May 9, 2011

Mainers Hit The Ground Running On Mother’s Day – Video – WMTW Portland

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Mainers Hit The Ground Running On Mother’s Day – Video – WMTW Portland.

May 8, 2011

2011 Annual Portland Sea Dogs Mothers Day 5K

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May 8th, 2011  the 11th Running of the Portland Sea Dogs Mother’s Day 5K

2011 Results


2011 Photos set 1 set 2 set 3

See also 2011 FB photos courtesy of Joe Howard

2011 Video Cut 1 Cut 2 Cut 3 Cut 4 Cut 5 Cut 6 (awards)

Video courtesy of Don Penta

Other Bloggers report:Life After Staff, , 50 for Billy,,, Running With the Girls

2010 Results

2010 Video courtesy of the Sea Dogs on YouTube

Penta Photos of Sea Dogs Mothers Day Packet Pick-up on Friday
400+ Photos of the Fun Run posted (see link to Don Penta’s  photos below)

For runners who run slower than David Colby Young, the host of this blog, might find their photos below.  David Colby Young’s collection of 5K runners are now uploaded. Video of almost all of the runners & walkers finishing courtesy of David Colby Young & Kevin Mitchell posted & linked below.

All the photos & videos are posted for 2010 courtesy of David Colby Young.

2010 Mothers Day 5K & Fun Run Photos Courtesy of Don Penta. All posted as of May 15, 2010. (If we missed you we are sorry. PLease let us know.)

Don Penta took over 1600 photos & as Sat morning the Penta collection has been posted.  Thank you Don P. Penta for your help.

Maine Newspaper photo coverage

Video uploaded

Cut 2 of the 2010 Sea Dogs Mother’s Day 5K Video at the Finish Line

Cut 3

Cut 4

Cut 5

May 10, 2009 (Sunday)

9th Annual Portland Sea Dogs Mothers Day 5K

Portland, ME 9:15AM Hadlock Field, 271 Park Ave (Second largest road race in Maine & still growing! Free Kids fun run!)

Contact: Geoff Iacuessa (Portland Sea Dogs), P. O. Box 636, Portland, ME, USA, 04104. 1-207-874-9300

Mother’s Day Seadog 5K

11 sets

Results 2009

2009 Photos & videos

2009 slide show

Photos courtesy of Blaine Moore

2009 Video Courtesy of Portland Seadogs

The 2009 slide show courtesy of Don Penta soon

(Don Penta took over 1180 photos and we have posted everyone of them. The 1st slide show ends with finisher place 245th bib # 486, runner: PAUL YATES 58 M of PEMAQUID ME 22:56 7:23) This set of photos is 1-299 photos the sub set of 1187 total photos taken by Don Penta. Mr. Penta has shared freely with you all. Please be sure you thank Mr. Penta the next time you see him.

Set 2 of Don Penta Photos

3rd set of Penta Photos

4th set of Penta Photos

Set 5 of Penta Photos

Set 6 of Penta Photos


Set 7 of Penta Photos


Set 8 of Penta Photos


Set 9 of Penta Photos


Set 10 of Penta Photos


2009 Video part1

we believe that (577 2130 LAURIE BUTLER 41 F 29/210 F4044 NORTH YARMOUTH ME 26:11 8:26) is near the start of this video

2009 Video part 2

about 35:00

1633   416 LINDA NIELSEN        41 F   155/210  F4044 WINDHAM         ME   35:00  11:16

Find more videos like this on RuncastTV

2009 Video part 3

about 45:00

2025 1050 GWENNE OBERG 45 F 133/153 F4549 CUMBERLAND FORE ME 45:55 14:47

Find more videos like this on RuncastTV

2008 Video

Watch Mothers Day Sea Dog 5K 2008 in Sports |  View More Free Videos Online at

run length:


  • Maine Media 2009


    A few video clipping from the 2008 Mothers Day Sea Dog 5K Race. We took this with a new video camera as I might take a few races to get all the buttons down right. The race was held in Portland, Maine 11 May 2008

    11 mos ago

May 7, 2011


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2011  Results & We are hoping we will be sent some photos!

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