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July 12, 1980

1980 ~ Cook’s Corner Country 5 Mile race

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Results courtesy of  Scott Mannette’s newspaper clippings  & mrp for complete results. click on image below and keep going until you find the time you are looking for.  The photos are open to the public for a limited time.  images named “Aug 1980_0028”  to  “Aug 1980_0036” 1980 June 12  ~

Cooks Corner Country Run
Brian T. Gillespie stated in the July 1980 issue of the  MTC Newsletter  (Publication was later names the News*Run) ” The Cook’s Corner 5 Miler Race on July 12th  (1980) has become a world class affair. Bill Rogers, Greg Meyer, Randy Thomas, Kevin Ryan and many more will be running. It is our race and we must do a good job. The field may reach 1000. We need workers badly. Please call or make the meeting. It would look very impressive if we can get 15-20 club people in their T-Shirts working at this race.
Hope everyone makes an effort to get to the meeting. We showed the Spring Race films at Bethel.  They are excellent. See you the 3rd (July 1980). Don’t forget intervals, Wednesday night, 6:30 at Portland Stadium Track.”




Aug 1980_0028
Aug 1980_0036



  • Set 1 shared by Greg Emerson
courtesy of Greg Emerson's running log

courtesy of Greg Emerson’s running log

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